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Seymour Johnson AFB, NC Seymour Johnson AFB, NC Housing
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Housing Options

Basic Allowance For Housing (BAH)
Your BAH can be used to rent on base or live off base. If you live off base, you can either rent or buy. Click the link above for current BAH rates.

On Base Housing ( Rent On-Base )
You can contact the housing office at 919-722-0362. Please keep in mind that there is a process involved in renting on base housing, including wait times.

Off Base Single Family Rentals-You can choose to rent off base if you wish. Check our database for available single-family homes.

The Southern Pines Inn offers temporary lodging to new arrivals that are put on a waiting list until more permanent accommodations can be found. Reservations at the Inn can be made for 30 days, and nearly 70 units are provided. Laundry facilities and internet access are services provided. To make reservations for temporary lodging, call 919-722-0385.

Apartments for Rent around the Seymour Johnson AFB area

Cities around Seymoure Johnson AFB (Purchase a Home) - The cities around this installation are Goldsboro, MT Olive, Pikeville, Freemont, La Grange, Dudley and Grantham.

Search Seymour Johnson AFB area MLS Listings

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Contact a local Real Estate Agent

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Seymour Johnson Air Force Base and has served as an Overseas Replacement Training Center since 1943. It is home to a Technical School and an Army Air Forces Technical Training Command. Units at the Seymour Johnson Air Force Base include the 4th Fighter Wing of the Air Combat Command and the 916th Air Refueling Wing.

Seymour Johnson Air Force Base has a Child Development Center that can accommodate nearly 130 children. The center provides full-time hourly care and hourly drop-in care for children from infancy through five years of age. The School Aged Care Program offers youth center activities for youths from five to twelve years of age. On-base housing residents can also participate in in-home daycare. For more information call the Family Child Care Program at 919-722-1198. Most cost of the programs is based on family income and is calculated on a sliding scale.

For information on typical rental rates, local attractions, history of the base, rental opportunities, and lots more, check out the Information links on the left of this page. For needed services, check out the service providers on the right side.

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